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Hi, and welcome to Out Of My Mind Games. If you’re looking for giant blockbuster video game experiences with long cutscenes and realistic graphics, you’re in the wrong place. If however, you want something to play on the VR hardware that you spent your hard-earned money on, come on in.

Out Of My Mind Games is here to create a variety of experiences for you, from VR homages of classic arcade games, to simple and fun mobile games, to immersive simulations. We’ll be starting with the simple ideas, of course.

Keep an eye on this site for info and updates on our projects, from the ridiculously sublime to the sublimely ridiculous.

If you happen to be a freelance marketing, art, or audio person, and are wanting to work on some VR games, feel free to contact me. Also, if you are looking for a contract programmer to assist with your project, feel free to contact me as well. You can find my contact info from the Contact link above.

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