Tanks For Nothin’!

Yeah, you heard me. I’ve made VR Battletank for you for free.

VR Battle Tank Title Screen

Yet another thing from Out Of My Mind, a VR homage to Battlezone.

You’ll marvel at the lack of a ground plane and the amazing wireframe (actually they’re polygons, but it looks like wireframe) models. Get ready to experience what it was like to take 10 seconds to turn 360 degrees and hope that you can get a shot off and get out of the way before you get killed. And watch out for backing into those geometric shapes that are strewn around for no apparent reason.

Supported platforms:

Get it on Google Play


Coming soon for:

  • Samsung Gear VR
  • WebGL (most modern web browsers)

Still to come:

  • 3D cockpit
  • Enhanced VR modes
  • Leaderboards (Yeah, I’m still working on it. It’s at the bottom of the list)

Check out an early build in your browser: VR Battletank