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Injecting Disinfectant to combat the Coronavirus

Who could forget the time that the president of the United States of America asked if perhaps the Coronavirus could be knocked out by injecting disinfectant? Imagine if everybody who had the virus had followed that advice? The virus would be gone because all of the carriers would be dead. Fortunately, nobody was stupid enough to try that remedy.

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Since that is certainly in the running as one of the stupidest questions ever asked, of course it has to be a level in the President Simulator. Since no doctor would possibly participate in something so breathtakingly asinine, you, Mr. President, have to inject all of those nasty viruses yourself. What are you waiting for? People are dying!

There’s less than a couple of weeks until the election on Tuesday, November 3. Don’t forget to vote!

Go to Vote.gov for voting information

Unless you’re going to vote for the guy who asked if injecting disinfectant might be a cure for the Coronavirus. In that case, maybe don’t vote for the good of the country.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there. Have you ever wanted to date your daughter? Of course not, you’re not presidential enough.

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Make America Game Again

Well, now you can pretend that you are presidential and try to date your daughter without worrying about the legal ramifications. Who am I kidding? When have legal ramifications ever stopped the president?

The new dating app for outdated lifestyles

Anyway, enjoy your day and enjoy some light role playing. Perhaps even play it with your daughter and let her see how you’re really not as uncool as you could be.

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