I Think I’m Gonna Hurl!

Yeah, you just might. VR You Make Me Sick is not for the faint of heart. If you haven’t had any experience with virtual reality, this is not the experience you’re looking for. If you have tried virtual reality, and it has made you feel nauseous, you might want to pass on this. If however, you think you’re a badass and don’t ever get sick and don’t know what these pussies are going on about, give this a try.

It’s a really simple shooting gallery-style game. All you need to do is look at each target for a few seconds, and look at them all as fast as you can. The only tricky part is that the game is going to be messing with your vision and trying to make you sick. Yeah, I don’t know why you would play it either. I just thought it would be fun.

I’m currently finishing this up to go with my talk at the Indie Game Con. I’ll post a link here when it is ready. I’m probably not going to make a web version, since it is really pointless without the VR hardware.