Is That A Missile In My Pocket?

Or am I just happy to show you VR Missile Control?

Feature Graphic 1024x500

I think we both know the answer. Come save your cities from an impending missile strike. Do you ever wish you could shoot missiles out of the air just by looking at them and pressing a button? You have? Then your wish is my command.

Fresh from Out Of My Mind, is the VR homage to Missile Command that you didn’t know that you wanted. But you do. So much.

Supported platforms:

Get it on Google Play


Coming soon for:

  • Samsung Gear VR
  • WebGL (most modern web browsers)

Still to come:

  • Leaderboards (yeah, this is on the list for every game)
  • Enhanced VR modes
  • Extra gameplay features

Check out an early build in your browser: VR Missile Control