Starting up


Well, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks for sure.

I just registered my business and got my EIN and bank account. I’ve also been meeting regularly with other game devs and business people to get information about starting a company. I suspect that the information I’ve been gathering will make for another post soon.

Here’s a quick list of the tools and services that I am using:

  • Unity
    • This is the primary content tool that I am using. It’s a free game engine for companies that make less than $100K/year.
  • Unreal Engine
    • This is another game engine, which is free to use and only requires royalties if you make any money with your project. I have this set up, but am focusing on Unity to start, since I have the most recent experience with it.
  • Android SDK
    • This is necessary to build apps for Android devices.
  • Oculus Rift SDK
    • This is necessary to build VR projects for the Oculus Rift
  • Sublime Text 2
    • Fast and lightweight text editor. Not very easy to configure, but the defaults work pretty well nonetheless.
  • Git
    • This is the source control system that I am using on my local machine. It’s a free distributed version control system.
  • BitBucket
    • This is a Git (and Mercurial) based online server for hosting repositories.
  • Test Fairy
    • This is a test build distribution and testing platform. It allows devs/testers to download builds directly to their devices without going through the app stores. It also captures debug data whenever the app is run.
  • GIMP 2
    • This is an image manipulation program, with more than enough features to create authentic programmer art.
  • Blender
    • This is a 3D modelling program, which has a range of tools and capabilities to rival any licensed programs. Now, if I can just learn to use it well.

Well, I’ve written one post so far. Let’s see how frequently I can keep doing that.


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